Befilo - The Bespoke Joinery

Mike's Study

A big step in a small space from the ordinary towards the great.

Befilo - The Bespoke Joinery

Mark & Janet's Bathroom

A big step in a small space from the ordinary towards the great.

Bespoke home office and study furniture


Mike purchased a newly built house where every square foot had to be optimally utilized due to the inherently compact spaces. He wanted to convert a tricky, awkward area with a variety of angled walls into a working room in his attic, with some unique features.

Empty room the place for a home study office Home office study created by befilo
Empty room the place for a home study office Home office study created by befilo

.... and after

The first unique aspect was that Frank desired a space that would serve both for work and relaxation. He envisioned a concealed mini fridge next to his workstation, and a television mounted on the wall. This transformed the faceless, difficult-to-utilize space into not just a workspace, but a hidden sanctuary, akin to a genuine "man cave".


Faults to Features

The room's aesthetic appeal was marred by a radiator positioned under the window. We tastefully concealed this with a wooden panel that seamlessly transitioned into a quaint bookshelf. As for the unavoidable, jutting angle of the roof, we integrated it into the furniture design, converting it into an intriguing feature rather than an unsightly anomaly.

Before Befilo home office build After Befilo home office build

A personal touch

Another awkward area in the room was the small storage space above the stairs, which we aimed to beautify and optimize. It was ultimately fitted with an elegant cabinet door, and according to our discussions, we added a couple of adjustable shelves for maximum flexibility in utilizing the space.

Before Befilo home office build After Befilo home office build

100% bespoke studies specially tailored to your unique needs

We design and build luxurious bespoke furniture
and tailored fit-outs throughout London.

We design and build luxurious bespoke furniture and tailored fit‑outs throughout London.


down to the millimetre

years of experience

Expert & Friendly
in-house installation team

Advanced Computer Modeling

Durable rollers and top-tier hardware

colour options


What to Expect During Your
Free Design Consultation

During your free design consultation, one of our experienced team members will visit your home for a professional site assessment. They'll take the time to either listen to your existing ideas and plans or brainstorm alongside you to formulate a design that truly caters to your unique needs.

With over a decade of experience under our belts, you can trust us to spot those subtle nuances that a less experienced eye might miss - nuances that could lead to issues down the line. During the consultation, we'll bring along physical samples of materials for you to choose from, and suggest state-of-the-art, innovative solutions that you may not have considered before.


the quality of workmanship is excellent

A really professional service from start to finish, and the quality of workmanship is excellent. The fitters would be there working non-stop for hours at a time! Very pleased with my new home office!



the design process was enormous fun

Befilo was an incredibly professional company to work for; from the design process which was enormous fun, collaborative and well-considered, to on-site efficient construction with very capable people. Very high-quality finish with proud attention to detail - we recommend them to everyone!

Madeleine M.


they exceeded my expectations

Working with Befilo was an absolute delight. They are respectful, tidy, and highly skilled in their craft. In the end, the outcome even exceeded my expectations.

Jacob J.


I enjoyed the Befilo-experience so much

Gabor and his team made the entire process seamless and straightforward. They are true professionals who not only excel at what they do, but also have a passion for it. I enjoyed the Befilo-experience so much, I would collaborate with them again in a heartbeat and wholeheartedly recommend them!

Jane S.

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I am immensely proud of the work we do at Befilo. Our team may be small, but it's packed with dedication, innovation, and capability. We rival larger firms in accomplishment, all while preserving the heart, enthusiasm, dedication, and love that make us unique."

Gabor Vegvari
Owner & Director

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