Befilo - The Bespoke Joinery

Mark & Janet's Bathroom

A big step in a small space from the ordinary towards the great.

Befilo - The Bespoke Joinery

Mark & Janet's Bathroom

A big step in a small space from the ordinary towards the great.



The following project was particularly intriguing, as it involved a newly constructed house that was purchased and inhabited by a couple who are both engaged in property development. After acquiring the property, they embarked on a progressive journey to refurnish the entire home according to their distinct tastes. The main bathroom quickly became a prime target for renovation due to the visibly lacking quality of the original fittings.

Bathroom furniture before refurbishment Bespoke Bathroom Furniture by Befilo
Bathroom furniture before refurbishment Bespoke Bathroom Furniture by Befilo

.... and after

The couple envisioned a harmonious blend of open sections and drawers, and around the mirrored area, they desired shelving and flanking cabinets. Their goal was to balance aesthetic allure with practical, space-efficient solutions.


The Impossible Colour

A significant challenge encountered during execution was their color choice: they were intent on using white wood veneer. This was an interesting conundrum since the natural wood and therefore the wood veneer is never white. There are specially engineered veneers available on the market in various colours, however, some of them are thin like paper hence rather difficult to work with them. In the end, we managed to select a material the client was happy with and we achieved the required look. We remained true to our promise: regardless of the colour our client selects at the lamination stage, we rise to the challenge. And so, as with all projects, we turned the nearly impossible into a reality in this case too.


100% bespoke bathrooms specially tailored to your unique needs

We design and build luxurious bespoke furniture
and tailored fit-outs throughout London.

We design and build luxurious bespoke furniture and tailored fit‑outs throughout London.

down to the millimetre

years of experience

Expert & Friendly
in-house installation team

Advanced Computer Modeling

Durable rollers and top-tier hardware

colour options


What to Expect During Your
Free Design Consultation

During your free design consultation, one of our experienced team members will visit your home for a professional site assessment. They'll take the time to either listen to your existing ideas and plans or brainstorm alongside you to formulate a design that truly caters to your unique needs.

With over a decade of experience under our belts, you can trust us to spot those subtle nuances that a less experienced eye might miss - nuances that could lead to issues down the line. During the consultation, we'll bring along physical samples of materials for you to choose from, and suggest state-of-the-art, innovative solutions that you may not have considered before.


the quality of workmanship is excellent

A really professional service from start to finish, and the quality of workmanship is excellent. The fitters would be there working non-stop for hours at a time! Very pleased with my new home office!



the design process was enormous fun

Befilo was an incredibly professional company to work for; from the design process which was enormous fun, collaborative and well-considered, to on-site efficient construction with very capable people. Very high-quality finish with proud attention to detail - we recommend them to everyone!

Madeleine M.


they exceeded my expectations

Working with Befilo was an absolute delight. They are respectful, tidy, and highly skilled in their craft. In the end, the outcome even exceeded my expectations.

Jacob J.


I enjoyed the Befilo-experience so much

Gabor and his team made the entire process seamless and straightforward. They are true professionals who not only excel at what they do, but also have a passion for it. I enjoyed the Befilo-experience so much, I would collaborate with them again in a heartbeat and wholeheartedly recommend them!

Jane S.

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I am immensely proud of the work we do at Befilo. Our team may be small, but it's packed with dedication, innovation, and capability. We rival larger firms in accomplishment, all while preserving the heart, enthusiasm, dedication, and love that make us unique."

Gabor Vegvari
Owner & Director

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